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Our company developed a new type HCQS-A: Secondary belt Cleaner with alloy blade, rubber seat, spring. The whole blade is split into equal pieces, each piece with independent spring structure , which will remove the sticky material evenly. The frame is painted baking to avoid rusting.




Haosheng new design HCQS belt cleaner can be widely used in various industrial for different bulk materials, especially in harsh conditions and irregular belt surface. 

HCQS belt cleaner can be applied in below conditions:

1. Belt Width 500~2400mm [23.6"~78.7"]

2. Belt Speed ≤6m/s

3. Cleaning Direction one and two direction

4. Material Selection of Blades PU[PRUS], tungsten carbide[PRTS]

5. Conveyor belt joint in cold and Heat vulcanized

6. The temperature -40 ℃ - to  40 ℃

7. Oil - resistant and corrosion - resistant conditions



1. Compensation device, anti-impact and shock

2.Easy to adjust the touch pressure between blade and belt

3.The double compensation of rubber elasticity and spring deformation prevent blade edge damage the belt

4.Clean 90% material

5.Save big cost

6.Protect the belt

7.No breaking, no material accumulation

8.Simple structure design, easy installation

9.Long service lifetime