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CATALOGUES - Hydraulic Self-aligning Idler Frame


Working Principle

Two vertically-mounted drive wheels are arranged at the same height on both sides of a set of aligning idlers on the frame. The drive axle is connected with oil pump power input shaft. Fix the left and right inspection wheel and oil pump on the self-aligning roller bracket with two fixed brackets, The tail of the compound cylinder is hinged with the fixing bracket, The piston rod of the composite cylinder is connected with the rotating part of the roller support of the aligning roller.Connect the oil port of the oil pump and the end of the compound cylinder with the oil pipe.

When the belt deviates to the left, touch the oil pump on the left side of the left inspection wheel to quickly output the pressure oil,

and the oil manifold integrated block of the compound oil cylinder enters the rodless cavity of the oil cylinder to push the piston and the piston rod; The hydraulic oil with rod cavity is returned to the tank of the oil cylinder by the oil circuit integration block,

The piston rod popped out quickly, Push the aligning roll clockwise (i.e. the left side of the aligning roll forward) to drive the belt to the right and center.

When the belt running deviation to right will touches the right test drive wheel, Right side pump output pressure oil, The manifold block through the compound cylinder enter into the oil tank of the cylinder, Piston rod quickly retracts, Pulling the counter-clockwise rotation of the aligning roller (deflection of the aligning roller) drives the right side of the fixing bracket of the aligning roller to set the compound cylinder belt to the left side and center.

Hydraulic self-aligning idler frame4.png


Technical Parameters
Cylinder pull  800kg
Cylinder thrust1176kg
Piston rod stroke150mm
Pump flow5ml/r


Performance characteristics

1. All components have low work load, short working hours and long working life.

2. Sensitive reaction, high correction efficiency,
 As long as the belt runs off and touches the inspection wheel, the belt automatic correction device will work immediately, making the aligning roller rotate at an Angle, and the belt will be corrected quickly.

3. very important aligning roller positioning function
Self-aligning force is automatically generated on the belt after the self-aligning idler rotates. At the same time, the belt has a reaction force on the aligning idler. This force makes the aligning idler reversely reset.

4. Can be used in explosion-proof, dusty, humid, high temperature applications
No electricity and electrical control components, suitable for underground and inflammable, explosive and other high-risk environment.

5. No need to maintain, the belt without any damage, universal parts, easy to replace

The lower deviation correction can protect the belt from sagging, And the accuracy after correction can reach ±5%